"Birthday Celebrations of Sri Guruji Dr.Vedavyas "
13th Aug 2005, Hyderabad, AP, India.
  This year once again the Birthday Celebrations of Guruji Dr.Vedavyas IAS, Ph.D., D.Litt where held grandly in Hyderabad. Joyful Yogabrothers from various Satsang centres thronged in huge numbers to celebrate the event.

  Among the eminent dignitaries present where Smt.Dr.C.Anandaramam M.A, Ph.D and Pujya Dr. Mudigonda Siva Prasad.

  Yet another much awaited book was released during this event. The book "Naa Ascharyaanubhavalu", third in the series about Guruji's Life experiences, was released. The first two books in this series "Naa Jeevitamulo Adrushta Gadiyalu" and "Mahatmulato Naa Divyaanubhavalu" are already the best sellers with immense popularity.

Naa Ascharyaanubhavalu - Book Release 

  And for the first time ever a DVD featuring this year's Narayana Yagna was also released. This is a very popular annual event that occurs during the dawn of Uttarayana Punya kala every year on a Sacred hill in Duddukur near Rajamundry.

Narayana Yagnam'05 - DVD Release