On Sri Parvatam, Gowripatnam, near Duddukur,Kovvur Mandal, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh,India.

  This temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara is built strictly according to the Agama principles and consecrated in 1985 by experts in Vaikhanasa Agama. The worship and rituals are performed as in the famous Balaji Temple in Tirupati.

  Large number of devotees congregate during pongal (Mid-January ) every year and participate in the NARAYANA Yagna performed by Sri Dr.Vedavyas. More than a thousand devotees camp in the Ashram surrounding the Temple and live for a week participating and enjoying the Spiritual Bliss of the celestial event. Regular participants of the satsang round the year get permission to join the Great Yagna.

  Food is served for all devotees all the days of the Yagna. To derive the benefit of the participation and enjoy the spiritual heights attainable in the Yagna, devotees have to ensure regular participation in Satsang and obtain permission to be a participant. There is no fees or any money charged for participation in this Annual event of Yagna. This yagna has been performed in a great devotin for the past 26 years by Dr. Vedavyas. Learned Scholars and eminent Vedic Pandits, devout Ritviks seek to participate in this Yagna and for some of the learned and earnest Sadhakas , it is a life-time spiritual experience to participate in the Yagna.

  The temple complex is located on top of a hill called Sri Parvatam, 18 Kms. from Rajahmundry Rly. Station and about 12 kms. from Kovvur. Devotees can go to River Godavari for a holy dip -- bath -- and reach the Ashram venue which can be reached by a motorable road.

  Sri Guruji teaches the University level students and trained teachers look after the Gurukul students. Eligible students can mail for more details.