Vedic Seminar by USCEFI, Bangalore
Aug 29th, Bangalore, India.

During the Vyasa Poornima Celebrations at Sapta Rishi Temple in Bangalore, USCEFI conducted a Vedic Seminar to promote and educate Vedic Sciences. The day after Vyasa Poornima, the 19th, was primarily devoted to the proceedings of the Vedic Seminar. Several prominent scholars, students from Vedic University and Gurukulam presented papers on various topics related to Vedic Sciences.

On the Vyasa Poornima day, the 18th, Smt. Rani Samyukta Vyas (Ammagaru), inaugurated the Vedic seminar and read out her message. She lit the lamp and explained as to how dear these topics and Vedic subjects were to Sri Guruji, Dr.Vedavyas IAS, Ph.D., D.Litt and his father Dr. Ananthacharya. She encouraged the USCEFI members to continue to work with selfless dedication.

Ammagaru addressing after innaugurating Vedic Seminar 
Ammagaru addressing after inaugurating Vedic Seminar

The proceedings on the 19th started with the keynote address by USCEFI President Sri. MVS Prasad, describing the Gurukul concepts of Vedic Education as imparted to him by Sri Guruji, Dr.Vedavyas IAS, Ph.D., D.Litt. He mentioned that Guruji Dr. Vedavyas was a staunch supporter of Gurukul system of education and said that Guruji believed in spiritualizing Education. He said Guruji exhorted that "The Temples should be Schools of Spiritual Training and Universities of Vedic Knowledge as in the days of the Vedas, instead of making religion commercial by charging money to feed politicians and mercenaries”.

Sri MVS Prasad giving Keynote address 
Sri MVS Prasad giving Keynote address

Another scholar, Sri Ramakrishna Udupa presented some of the outlines of Saunakeeya Vidhnamu for Vedic Pariharas through Mantara, Anushtana, Japa, Dhyana and many other techniques for which Rishi Saunaka has given the methods in ancient times. These methods have been followed till today for the benefits of humanity. The Homa techniques and Pariharas have been specialized and practiced by Sri Udupa.

There is scope to record them and impart this knowledge and application from Sri Udupa and his associates to students of Vedic University and other Veda Patashalas in a traditional way and publish such material to be available for the future generations in a systematic way. He presented 3 papers outlining his findings and importance of the above topics.

Sri Ramakrishna Udupa presenting his papers 
Sri Ramakrishna Udupa presenting his papers

Other presenters included Dr.Pavan Kumar (Sadguru Arogya Research Foundation Trust, Bangalore), Dr. KSMS Raghava Rao (Head, Dept.of Food Engineering, CFTRI,Mysore)and Dr. Hampaiah (Chairman, Bio-Diversity Board, AP) was represented by Sri Hanumanth Rao. They presented papers titled “From Veda to Ayur-Veda, the Veda of Life”, “Food and Nutrition in Vedas” and “Vedic Ecology” respectively. The Vedic Seminar also witnessed presentation from curious younger generation represented by 10 years old, Kumari B. Sriranganayaki, a former Gurukul Student now staying in United States of America. She presented on the topic of “Bhrama Sutras of Vedavyasa Maharshi”.

The proceedings of the Seminar have been compiled into a book and Published. For the first time ever this book is available online. Please click on the link below to access it.