This is a temple of Vedavyasa maharshi along with the other sapta(seven) Rishies. Vyasa was the Rishi who gave India its first distinctive personality as a nation, with its vedic culture. This temple can be better known as a National Memorial for this prophet of vedas in India, Sri Aurobindo describes Vyasa as "India's national poet". Vyasa gave us Indians, our "National poem" the Mahabharata which is the saga making of India. It records the 'making of India' in to single nation "Bharata".

  Alas, how many of us are aware that the great epic - Mahabharata bears the name of the Nation "Greater India" or 'Bharata' - and not even the name of its hero, Lord Krishna ? Not even of Pandavas ? The reason simply is that Vyasa intended the story to be athe national epic the making of the Nation! he recorded the story of how the several warring Indian states were welded in to one Nation under the genius of Lord Krishna who integrated the Indian states into one great nation the Maha Bahratha. How many of us see only the trees, missing the forest and missing our Nationalhood - in that costly mistake.

  A fitting memorial monument to this great sage - Vyasa the Rishi of India, is this Vedayasa Bharathi in Bangalore,India.

  This monument is housing a research Librarry and Archives, for many rare palm leaf manuscripts on rare vedic sciences Ayurveda, Yoga, Mantra-s, Vastu (Vedic Architecture), Vimana sastra (Aero-craft)and Anu-siddhantha of Kanada Rishi.

  This monument also Houses a Character - building "Gurukula" - with our own Vedic style of instruction.