The 'Sat-Sang' is a vital, spiritual part of the training for all those who practice Yoga under the Master's guidance. It is a Vital and Spiritual link with God! It is a sort of physic connection with the 'Universal mind' linked through the bridge or 'ladder' of Sad-guru. The Guru acts as a link between the absolute plane of God got consciousness at the level of 'Para Brahman' and the limited consciousness of the self-seeking individual Jeeva.

  In Satsang, the consciousness of the Guru acts as a meditation link and Divine Energy passes down to the physical level of the disciple. Normally Divine Energy does not reach the disciple on account of the low selfish and ego-level of the individual's consciousness. It is therefore made an essential discipline for the disciple to participate in the Satsang.

  It goes without saying that the more unselfish a person is the more deep will be the effect of the Divine force reaching the soul ! For people with selfish desires seeking help in the social personal and financial matters, the divine energy is used up only in mental and physical layers. It does not reach deep-most Soul-level.

  Our Master(sri Vedavyas) therefore advises,as a remedy to this snag the total surrender of one's own earthly affairs, is the best possible at satsang. By total surrender it does not mean neglecting human effort, but making effort more thoroughly than a wordily man makes. The surrender is only an attitude of life. The surrender is giving up of desire - not surrendering the work. Our master always emphasis this.

  If one attends a Satsang with such surrender, the Divine power then reaches the deeper most levels of our being - the resulting progress and spiritual expansion will be truly enormous! This becomes more when our sincerity and surrender are shown in a concrete form - in shape of physical work, or social service for a cause which does not cater to our self interests. This must be done as regular Spiritual diet, like taking our food. It is not doing service whenever it pleases us. Such kind of self giving service, will break down the iron shackles of past ego and selfish karma that often hold back the progress of many persons. More verbal prayer to God without breaking our own crystallized negative habits will not produce any effect. This , in the present dayworld is the main reason why the prayers of the religion often fails to answer- a reason for religion becoming obsolete today, as a tool for mans development. The reason lies not in religion, but in Man! His crystallizing wrong attitudes must be melted down in the furnace of hard unselfish service. When the metal is ready, the master will mould it in to perfect form. This is the basic philosophy behind Satsang.

  The Satsang is a vital spiritual link with God through the Sad-Guru, an essential and compulsory aspect of training for all practitioners of Yoga working under his(Guru's) guidance. Several others also join the Satsang mainly for riddance from problems of health, finance and domestic matters.