Master CVV And His Electronic Yoga
Author: Dr.Vedavyas, IAS, D.Litt
Price: $8 (USA),  Rs.105 (India)
  This is a strange science and a miraculous technique -- the Synthesis between Science, Philosophy and Religion in the fire of yoga experience! It may well show a new light for the New Millennium for a mankind struggling for light in the darkness!

  The present book aims to throw more light on the Life and teachings of Master C.V.V. and about his theory of Eternal Life also document the eye witness accounts of the miracles still in evidence in our own time in my own recent experiences.

  For four great spiritual Masters Gurdjieff and Madam Blavatsky in Russia, Sri Ramana Maharshi., Master C.V.V., Sri Aurobindo and Jyoti Ramalinga of Vaddalore in India to appear on the horizon, all around 1910 only the spiritual causes of the most extraordinary kind, must have produced the most miraculous wave in time.

  The four Great Masters who appeared at that time are from different backgrounds, culturally, racially, spiritually and socially --- but they all received a Miraculous power to change Mind Matter and Energy --- and the very meaning of the goal of Life itself !!! Their methods, in formulating their Teachings, or the training Methods too, were different.
  1. A Comet Heralds Messaiah!
  2. Science – and Religion in Headlong Collision! Birth of a New “Force” – of Electronic Yoga?
  3. The ‘Inner Parliament’ in Man!
  4. “Death – and Resurrection” – Message of the Great Pyramid
  5. “The Story of the Man” – Master C.V.V
  6. ‘Life before Birth’ – and After Death
  7. Miracles
  8. Venus – Planet or Comet?
  9. Promise of the Master to his mediums – The ‘Promised Time’
  10. Speeding-up Man’s Inner Evolution – Secrets of “Master Yoga”
  11. The Science and Technique of Master Yoga
  12. Blessing – all sickness away!!! Prabhakara’s Illumination and “Universal Vision”
  13. Mediums as Healing Channels!
  14. Cosmic Hints
  15. “Time-Reversal” – World of the Dead. Of Dimensions – Matters and Electronic Worlds of Science and ‘Master Yoga’
  16. Nadi Grandhas
  17. Karma according to Master C.V.V’s Yoga
  18. Information for Inquirers
  19. Sound and Number as ‘Word of God’
  20. Supra-Mental Descent and Sri Aurobindo – Failure of a Mission?
  21. ‘Electronic Worlds’ – in Gurdjieff’s Teachings and in Master Yoga
  22. Swami Ramalinga – Who became Divine Light (Jyoti)
  23. Ramalinga’s – “Miraculous Yoga”
  24. “Prayers with the body”
  25. Eye Witness
  26. Concept of Immortality in Master Yoga
  27. Metamorphosis – of Man – Message of the Caterpillar Butterfly!
  This work of Sri Vedavyas is an attempt to introduce Master C.V.V. and his New Yoga to English Readers. Although Master CVV is held in super natural awe, for the recall of the dead back to life and his miraculous cures with the "MANTHRAS IN ENGLISH" which he called COURSES the teaching of Master CVV and his life still remains unknown to many seekers of spiritual wisdom. Did the theory of Eternal life become a scientific possibility? Can man achieve immortality? Is the death the end of the inner man? What is man the outer body composed of molecules of chemicals like carbon, oxygen and hydrogen etc is the only outer covering . The mask of the inner man who is the 'Central Being'.

  What is the real part of the man in the search of a miraculous technique to achieve immortality by transformation of matter into energy three bright stars illuminate the dark sky of our degenerate age!

  Master C.V.V of Kumbhakonam in South India who bore a striking resemblance, even in physical resemblance to the Russian Guru G.I.Gurdjieff is one, the other Sri Aurobindo of Pondicherry who received the Supramental Descent and a vision of Lord Krishna in clear day light and a physical luminous being in the courtyard of his jail where he was arrested, is another. The third is Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi of Thiruvannamalai who received the "Sacred Light" of God Shiva on the hill of Arunachala, like Moses on Mount Sinai bringing a new message and a New Path WHO AM I?

  What Einstein and Neils Bhor achieved in science by exploding the atom demonstrating that matter and energy can be transformed physically - that Swamy Ramalinga achieved through his intense Yoga, the details of which are still a secret. The present book aims to explain "Sadyo-jaatham" (spontaneous) "Divine Descendence", as is very essential for the evolution in a revolutionary manner.

  It also aims to throw light on the Life and Teachings of Master C.V.V and about his THEORY of ETERNAL LIFE, also document the eyewitness accounts of the Miracles still in evidence in our time - in the author's recent experiences.