Sri Venkateshwara Gurukula Vidyalayam

USCEFI has expanded its Gurukula program by consolidating all of its Gurukulas into one at Sri Parvatham, Sri Venkateshwara Gurukula Vidyalayam.

Sri venkateswara Gurukula Vidyalayam started functioning from 5th june 2009 with 82 students all of whom are fully residential. The school has good resources for accommodating these 82 students out of which 30 are girls and 52 are boys.

The classes currently offered are from 1st std to 7th std. Focus is on 3rd std onwards for the advantage of students who can attend to themselves for their upkeep, dressing, bath, food habits and maintaining prayer timings.

The students have been initiated into reciting Vishnu Sahasranama. In addition all of them joined to chant Narayana Ashtakshari both in the morning and in the evening.

Yoga classes are conducted in the morning time in 2 batches, one for girls and another for boys. The resident teachers organize and supervise the Yoga classes.

Adequate playgrounds and facilities for playing volley ball, shuttle etc., are available.10 teachers with 7 of them full time and 3 of them part time teach the regular classes.