The Mission Man Making
Dr. Vedavyas IAS, Ph.D., D.Litt

Sree Venkateswara Gurukula Vidyalayam - Gowripatnam

An eminent and erudite scholar of Vedic Sciences and a great visionary, Dr. Vedavyasa, the man behind the Institution is an inspiration to the frustrated students and parents of today. He firmly believed that character consisting of impeccable 'Honesty' and 'Selfless service' is essential for building a nation of strong and efficient people. Without character building, he believed that it is not possible to reform or change current trends of corruption, frustration and deterioration of values of life.

Hence the vision of this Institution is to implement the ancient Gurukula system of Education dedicated to moulding of youngsters into future citizens with character, devotion and service.

What is offered?

  1. Healthy and tension free growth of the student under the watchful eyes of the teacher.
  2. Closely supervised instruction in Yoga & Meditation for developing sound mind in a sound body.
  3. Education of basic values and behaviour inculcating discipline as a duty.
  4. Cultivation of brotherhood and community living.
  5. Teaching basic ancient values of Indian culture.
  6. Regular syllabus to make students competitive in the present times.
  7. Games and Extra-curricular activities to develop physical health and creative capabilities.


  • A healthy attitude to respect elders and colleagues.
  • An aptitude for selfless service.
  • A future citizen with character and honesty.
  • Thorough coaching of fundamentals and basics in each subject.
  • Creating interest in values of ancient culture & heritage.
  • Develop expertise in basic Yoga, and Sanskrit.
  • Develop self reliance.
  • Develop capacity to lead simple life with minimum needs.

We firmly believe that every activity in the Universe is guided by the principle of “Yagna” involving sacrifice and selfless service.

"You have to give to receive
Distribute good to receive good"

Distribute knowledge to receive higher knowledge

Giving is the secret of getting.

Will you join us?

In shaping of good future citizens by sending your children to this Institution? The faculty consists of dedicated and well experienced teachers.

For further details contact

Sree Y.Sambasiva RAo, Treasurer, USCEFI
Cell: 9951132276
Mrs. Ch. Anasuya, M.Com,B.Ed Head Mistress
Cell: 9502448619