"Guruji Left His Mortal Body"
3rd Oct 2007, Rajamundry, AP, India.
  Guruji, Dr.Vedavyas IAS, Ph.D., D.Litt, has left his Mortal body on Oct 3rd in Rajamundry. Though he left his body, he is very much alive in all our hearts. He is always there with us. Here is a message given by him to all of us sometime back.


  Here is an excerpt from his last speech during the Birthday celebrations this year.


  Through the story of Tashi Lama in the Birthday Message, He has clearly indicated that He will do all that He promised as long as we perform our duties (all the work that he has started) with atmost sincerety. Lets continue to do all the Nisvartha Seva, Guruji will definitely guide us all through.

Om Tatsat!