"Sriman Narayana Yagnam - 2006"
A Splendorous Event
11th - 17th Jan 2006, Duddukuru,West Godavari District, AP, India.
  The great holy Yagna popularly known as Sriman Narayana Yagna was performed this year commencing from 11th jan 2006 and concluded on 17th jan 2006 for a period of 6 days.

  During the Yagna, Homas were performed every day both in the morning and in the evening for Sriman Narayana, Mahalakshmi, Narasimha, Sudarshana, Mrityunjaya. Purusha Sukta and Sri Sukta Homas were also performed all the days. Navagraha homas were done during the last 3 days of the yagna.

  About 700 devotees from about 50 Satsang centers in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and from a few other places in India and Abroad participated in the Yagna. Prasadam/food was served on all the days. On the 7th day i.e. Tuesday the 17th in the evening, Sri Venkateshwara Kalyanam was performed.

  Special attractions were Poolangi Seva as arranged in the evening for Lord Venkateshwara by the Tirupathi Vikhanasa Ashramam secretary Sri Prabhakara Acharaya on Thursday the 12th. On the following day the 13th, Friday Abhishekam was performed for Lord Venkateshwara in which about 180 families participated.
Poolangi Seva - Lord Venkateshwara 
Poolangi Seva for Lord Venkateshwara
Abhishekam - Lord Venkateshwara 
Abhishekam for Lord Venkateshwara

  Everyday in the morning devotees gathered in the open yard before the temple of Lord Venkateshwara near Dhwaja Sthamba and recited recited Sri Venkateshwara Subprabatham followed by Vishnu Sahasranama, Narayana (Astakshari), Lakshamri sahsranam and Mahalakshmi Mantras.

  Excellent arrangements for distribution of food and prasadams were made by expert cooks and their team, the Yoga Brothers of Tenali town in Andhra pradhesh.

  On 15th, Dr. E.Srinivas, professor XLRI of Jameshdpur, India, who is a management expert summarized the latest researches and also the trends of understanding the behavior patterns of advancing society with higher pursuits which covered the topics such as the functioning of the brain, the right and left brain. The latest focus is to understand the need of the hither to unknown potential and its enormity of the right Brain to attain peace of mind, obtain and taste higher emotional behavioral patterns, selfless-love for the good of humanity and for striving for achieving things higher such as raising above the self, radiating cheerfulness pleasantness happiness. Professor Dr. E.Srinivas also explained that this right Brain performance and its knowledge is totally different from that of the behavior attributed to the left Brain, which speaks about competitiveness, edge over others performances, peer pressures, excellence in understanding information and applying it to the day to day striving in job and in Life, Mass behavior harmony etc.

  On 16th, Professor Dr. E.Srinivas recalled his child hood experiences when he travelled along with his Father Sri Guruji, Dr.Vedavyas and encountered very many tall spiritual personalities whose values, systems and capacities, depth of attainments were immeasurable to him as a child, but still were in incognito. Recalling those experiences with the holy man Ranganababu, great devotee of Lord Rama, and a Mystic Sansyasi by name Labdagiri Swami of Sri Sailam, who bears the complexion and stature of a youth full college boy, he recollected that one of the dominant trait which had throughly shaken him, which he found in many saints was the most mischievous and deceitful simplicity to which any unsuspecting devotee can have no inclining at all!

  Also on 16th, Upanayanas were performed for eligible Gurukul Students.

  Book Release

  Devi Saptashati in Telugu, compiled and edited with foreword by Pujya Sri Guruji, Vedavyas was released. Some of the highlights of this form of worship of Devi Saptashati were explained by Sri Guruji to the devotees assembled on this occasion. And also lectures by Pujya Sri Guruji, question and answer sessions were organized on the life of Chatrapathi Shivaji, a special research work by Sri Guruji (recently released as a book). Also from the recently released Telugu book, Naa Ashcharya Anubhavalu (based on wonderful spiritual experiences of Sri Guruji), Guruji shared some of the experiences with the devotees during those 6 days.
Devi Saptashathi - Book Release 
Devi Saptashathi - Book Release
Cultural Performances by Gurukula Students

  There was a Cultural program of dance, music, recital and speeches on Bhagavad Gita. All performed by the Shridi Sai Gurukul Students of Hyderabad. The dance recitals included Bharatha Natyam from the life of Lord Sri Krishna. Talks by Gurukul Students included one on Sri Guruji Dr.Vedavyas, and enigmatic persona and second one on the 14th chapter of Bhgavad Gita. Everyone applauded those wonderful performances. The ecstatic ambience reminded gathering to the days of Lord Sri Krishna in his Brindavan.
Bharatha Natyam - Lord Krishna's Life 
Bharatha Natyam - Lord Krishna's Life
Another Dance Performance 
Another Dance Performance
Two papers, technical and elucidative in nature were presented by the Students of University of Vedic Sciences, to the assembled audience of 14th. Miss Phani Prabha presented a paper on additional shlokas of bhagavad Gita called the Ancient Bhagavad Gita. Meghanath of Vedic University presented a paper on Scientific aspects of Astrology. Mr.Bapi Raju an engineer presently a research scholar in Vedic Astrology, University of Vedic Sciences, presented an overview of the paper going to be presented soon in the national conference of Astrology in Kolkatta. He summarized the various Vedic Sciences and also many Moral Sciences. He summarized that many moral sciences have a great bearing from the scientific aspects of Astrology. This forms the basis for many Modern day sciences and helps understanding an Integrated Synthesized picture which is an overview for whole of the scientific studies.

  And on the 17th, the concluding day, Venkateshwara Kalyanam was performed with great Splendor. All devotees were fully charged with spiritual joy. Guruji explained the veiled concepts behind the physical representation of Sri Venkateswara Kalyanam.
Venkateshwara Kalyanam 
Venkateshwara Kalyanam
To conclude there was a Celestial and Un-Earthly Ambience reigning Supreme all over the place in the sacred hillock Sri Parvatam for all those days during the Sriman Narayana Yagna. People who are in search of real life and want to experience the showering of Divine love, to live with it, that a true life demands, are all welcome to participate in the next years program to be held in the second/third week of Jnauary 2007 at same place.

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