A Scientific Investigation into the Mystery of the Cosmos by Dr.Vedavyas
  "EVERYTHING AND NOTHING" - A new publication from University of Vedic Sciences by Dr.Vedavyas IAS, Ph.D., D.Litt.

  What a title? What does it mean, any way? One may wonder - and legitimately so!

  Everything under the sky? Yes! It includes whatever there is in this world! Space - the thinnest of material existences, thinner than the "Air-Space" - Does it Exist? And in what form? One cannot see it! Nor weigh it nor smell it!

  Neither does it have color nor any property that every thing else which exists in this world exhibits! - None whatsoever!! We cannot catch it, touch it nor feel it! How can we say that - "Space Is!" Or that space exists!

  What 'Is' there, to define or describe? Nothing! - Nothing whatsoever, in physical terms!

  But strangely, it is "Space" itself that enables everything else to exist in it!!! Without any space to exist - nothing can exist! So it is Space that enables the Whole Universe to exist!! In fact everything else exists on the basis of Space- even the radiations like Alfa rays, Gamma Rays, X-rays, Ultra Violet and Infra Red Rays - even "Cosmic Rays" - exist in space - because of space, which is the very basis of 'Existence'.

  "Space" is in everything in Creation and everywhere! Outside and - even inside the Atom, or inside them electrons, even within out brain and heart, space is there - as "Cerebro-Spinal Cavities" and Cardiac Chambers!

  Space, space everywhere - and yet Nowhere, can we catch it! No one can "find" space!!!

  Can we then say, 'Space does not Exists?' No one in his senses, dare to even attempt to say that - "Space IS NOT!"

  Yet, it has all the properties of "Non Existence" - although it is the very basis of existence itself in all its forms. Even after the "destruction" of everything - everything must return into space, the ultimate solvent!

  It is the very basis - The physical basis of Existence and of Non existence - to which one day, our material Creation must return, in its final dissolution.

  "Space" is therefore the very basis of Non-existence too - "The Infinite Zero" to which everything must return, and resolve itself and dissolve!

  If one were to choose as an illustration - a term or word, by which "everything" is designated by that word, - even that which does NOT-Exist! - Can we then choose "Space" as the illustrative example for proper term?

  Even for "NOTHING" - if it is to be painted by a Master Artist - he has to paint 'space' only!!! Everything includes naturally - even "nothing" also!

  Otherwise, if "nothing" is subtracted or deducted from our Concept of "Everything"; then it will not be real everything! It is - Minus - "NOTHING" because it excludes the motional 'nothing'!

  If one searches for a supreme idea, a concept by which "All" that is included in this "Cosmos" is in it, even 'nothingness' -then, such an "Everything" must also include "NOTHING" in it!

  A supreme symbol of this "Absolute" - the idea includes all knowledge, Sciences, Mathematics and disciplines Psychic, Psychological, Biological and - Logical even ontological.... Something so supremely sublime and Abstract, so very absolute, pure and all Comprehensive and all inclusive - like Space... even Mental Space included... Then we can designate such an all comprehensive multi-dimensional symbol of a term a Space - an "EVERYTHING" that which includes even NOTHING! include even the searcher who is part of the vast scheme that he searches, and researches - it can only be "EVERYTHING" that which includes even - "nothing" just as Matter exists as much as "Anti-Matter"!

  So, join me in this Voyage to sail across the Vast Ocean of Space, to travel across everything and nothing!

  You are welcome !!!

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