Divine Life of Maharshi Vedavyasa - A review
Oct 24th, Hyderabad, India.

Divine life of Maharshi Vedavyasa is a research work published in the book form in four languages of English, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada. This research has been conducted by Pujya Guruji Dr.Vedavyas IAS, Ph.D., D.Litt who has established the historicity of Maharshi Vedavyasa, the main source of Sanatana Dharama (what many call today as Hinduism).

Most interestingly Maharshi Vedavyasa has been declared as the father of the nation - Bharat -. The birth detail of Vyasa is divine experience. His role as Parama Guru (Guru of Gurus), the places and Ashramas associated with Vyasa (13 locations spread over Bharat/India), their descriptions as pilgrim centers, the historic proofs as available in copper plate inscriptions and astronomical information are all captured in this book. The great and vast range of Vyasa’s writings and his unique style of writing with some modern examples that explain such style of writing are also described in the book. These examples of writings of Vyasa would be helpful for the present age intellectuals and devotees to understand Vyasa exposition on the Brahma Sutras. His blessings given to swami Vidyaranya, the founder of the great Vijayanagara Empire and the blessings to Sri Madhvacharya the founder of Dwaita philosophy and many such historic events are all described in this book. Number of themes and topics described in this book can be taken as research topics by the students and academic teaching staff for elaborated study in near future.

At 10:15 am, an online/written test for Certificate Course on Vedavyasa Maharshi was conducted. The duration of the test was one hour. 52 members from various USCEFI centers participated in the test. The theme of the course was Life of Maharshi Vedavyasa. The content for the course is available in the book Vedavyasa Maharshi Divya Charitra, in Telugu, written by Dr.Vedavyas IAS, Ph.D., D.Litt, part of the book was also translated into English recently. In the other part of world, United States, similar test was taken by 10 Satsang members in Fremont, California. In all 62 members participated for this certificate course. The results were encouraging and this effort helps to disseminate the abundance of knowledge available in the books written by Pujya Guruji, Dr.Vedavyas IAS, Ph.D., D.Litt, to the community spread across the globe.

Following are the chapters in the book

  1. A Divine Cosmic Experience! Vision of Maharshi Vedavyasa
  2. Penance of Maharshi Vyasa
  3. Vyasa Ashram
  4. Birth of Vyasa
  5. Vyasa Poornima
  6. Time of Vyasa
  7. Vyasa’s Ocean of Knowledge -1
  8. Vyasa’s Ocean of Knowledge -2
  9. Unique Style of Vyasa’s writing
  10. Role of Parama Gurus in World Administration
  11. Revival of Vedic Dharma: Protection of Hindu Religion
  12. Vyasa’s Brahma Sutras
  13. Vedavyasa as Parama Guru: in History of Mankind
  14. Disciples of Vedavyasa Maharshi
  15. Vyasa as Treasure and Protector
  16. Dead brought to Life : ‘Mitra Sanjeevanam’
  17. An Eternal Being through a curse
  18. Vyasa blesses Sri Vidyaranya Swami
  19. Darshan and Blessing of Vyasa to Sri Madhvacharya
  20. Future of the World
  21. Bhavisya Purana – The Future History of World
  22. Author of 18 Puranas
  23. Upa Puarans
  24. History of Previous Creations in Puranas
  25. Ancient Wisdom in Puranas
  26. Vyasa Maharshi with Kalki Avatar in Sambala
  27. Congregation of Maharshis of Yoga in ‘Swta Dweepa’ the spiritual capital of Earth
  28. Mahabharatha as Panchama Veda : Essence of Four Vedas
  29. Vyasa – the Father of the Nation