Vyasa Poornia (Guru Poornima) celebrations at
Sri Vyasa Maharshi Temple - A Report

July 29th, Bangalore, India.

For all Yoga Sadhakas and Yoga Brothers the great festive day of Guru Poornima known as Vyasa Poornima is very dear and prominent. It is a day where every Sadhaka in the deepest of their hearts would reckon upon their Guru and crown him with utmost devotion as the King of their hearts. It is the day to celebrate the existence of an entity, par excellence, in our lives to guide us through the path towards eternity.

The Yoga Brothers at USCEFI seized this opportunity to celebrate this great festival under the shelter of none other than the lord himself, Vyasa Maharshi, at the Sapta Rishi temple in BTM Layout, Bangalore. Around 150 Yoga Brothers, from various USECFI centers, spread all over the country and the greater world, witnessed the occasion. It was as if the Rivers, with great devotion and dedication, from all over merging into the Ocean attracted by the rarest of the treasures it possess, namely the Grace of the Master.

The event was a four day celebration starting from 16th July to 19th July. The opening day was marked with unveiling a life size portrait of our Pujya Guruji, Dr.Vedavyas IAS, Ph.D., D.Litt, at the Sapta Rishi temple by Guru Patni, Smt. Rani Samyukta Vyas, affectionately called as Ammagaru.

Guruji Dr.Vedavyas Life size portrait 
Guruji Dr.Vedavyas Life size portrait

On 16th, the first day of the festival, Homas started in the morning. Narayana Ashtakshara Mantra Homa, Mahalakshmi Mantra Homa, Nava Graha Homa, Purusha Sukta, Sri Sukta Homas along with Maha Ganapati Homa (Atharva Sheersha) were performed in three Homa Kundams. Maha Ganapati Homa was performed with the enchanting of the famous Ganapati Atharva Sheersha by 9 Brahmin Ritwiks, simultaneously offering 1008 Modakams as Aahutis. The temple was resounding with the chantings of Atharva Sheersha and the entire atmosphere was filled with a Divine Glow.

Guru Rayaru of Lakkasandra visited the venue in the afternoon and graced the occasion. Parayana of the book, "Vedavyasa Maharshi Divya Chartira" in Telugu written by Guruji Dr.Vedavyas IAS, Ph.D., D.Litt , commenced at 3pm by USCEFI members and was continued and completed by Yoga Brothers from various centers.

On 17th, the second day, Narayan Ashtakshara homa continued in pradhana Kunda, Mahalakshmi Homa continued in the second Kunda and Sudhrashana-Narsimha Homas were performed in third Kunda.

Yagna being performed during Vyasa Poornima 
Yagna being performed during the ceremony

In the evening, Mysore Ramachandra Achar gave Devotional music programme. He recited from various Dasa Sahityas, which included those by Purandara Dasa, Kanaka Dasa, Vijaya Dasa etc. The highlight of the program was, as the singing continued he showed the relevant laminated pictures of Gods, Goddesses, events and places to the devotees. The atmosphere was highly charged with Devotion.

On 18th, the third day, Ashada Shudda Poornima, started with the Panchamrutha Abhishekha to Vyasa Maharshi followed by Alankara.

Abhishekam being performed to Vyasa Maharshi 
Abhishekam being performed to Vyasa Maharshi

Alankarana for Vyasa Maharshi 
Alankarana for Vyasa Maharshi

Narayana Ashtakshari and Mahalakshmi Homa with 10,000 ahutis were completed by Sri N.R.Rama Krishna Udupa as Brahma and Poornahuti was performed in the Pradhana and second kunda. In the third Kunda, Hanumadh Gayatri homa and Poornahuti was performed. Great Grand Son of Master C.V.V, Sri Jaya Kumar, in-charge of the Bangalore Yoga Centre graced the occasion during Poornahuti.

Poornahuti being performed 
Poornahuti being performed by Sri Rama Krishna Udupa

Towards the evening from 4 pm to 5:30 pm Achidra Veda Parayana was done by 13 Sri Vaishnavaites, Vedic pundits and Ghanapatis in first floor in front of Vyasa Maharshi idol.

In the yoga hall at ground floor, Smt. Rani Samyukta Vyas (Ammagaru), inaugurated the Vedic seminar and conveyed her message. She addressed the audience and devotees asking them to devote their lives, maintaining a balance between Spiritual lives, welfare of their family and other Social activities. She lit the lamp and explained as to how dear these topics and Vedic subjects were to Sri Guruji, Dr.Vedavyas IAS, Ph.D., D.Litt and his father Dr. Ananthacharya. She encouraged the USCEFI members to continue to work with selfless dedication.

The last day, 19th was primarily devoted to the proceedings of the Vedic Seminar. Several prominent scholars presented their papers on various Subjects. Several students from Vedic University and Gurukulam also presented papers on varied topics related to Vedic Sciences.

The event was ended with a devotional musical concert by Shashidra Kote in the evening.